AMANI SAAB is a luxury fashion label redefining women's evening wear, offering contemporary and innovative selections for special occasions that blend sustainability with style, and versatility. Our curated collections range from statement separates to high-impact dresses that empower the wearer to shine through.



We are a movement, a celebration of individuality, and a catalyst for empowerment. 

We are driven by the belief that true empowerment begins by making conscious choices at every step of our fashion journey. We do not follow the seasonal fashion calendar, nor do we produce numerous styles per collection. We embrace a less-is-more philosophy from conception to production, valuing quality and creative expression, to create distinctive designs that transcend time.

Behind every piece, our skilled craftswomen bring each creation to life with intention and a shared commitment to minimize waste, producing made-to-order pieces over large-scale manufacturing. Our capsule collections are released on a pre-order basis, ensuring that every garment is crafted with purpose.

Our commitment to create responsible and uniquely beautiful pieces extends to our carefully curated material mix. We repurpose deadstock fabrics sourced from world-renowned designer brands and incorporate low-impact, recycled and recyclable fabrics of exceptional quality.

At Amani Saab, every choice we make is guided by our dedication to empower, uplift and create a lasting transformative influence that benefits both society and the environment, one piece at at time.

co-founder and creative director


Venezuelan-Lebanese designer Amani Saab founded her eponymous label in 2021. Recognized for her modern take on women’s evening wear, Amani Saab’s creative identity embraces duality, balancing sensuality with sophistication and opulence with an effortless appeal. Drawing inspiration from her multicultural upbringing, Amani combines influences from her Middle Eastern and South American heritage to create collections that reflect her cosmopolitan vision of beauty for women worldwide.

"I design for women to feel celebrated in every piece that we make, to radiate glamour with ease, and to revel in garments crafted with meticulous care and social responsibility.”